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Health Promotion

There are two programs within the Healthy Families Department: the Healthy Babies Health Children program and the Reproductive and Early Child Health program

Healthy Babies Healthy Children

Having a baby can be both an exciting and challenging time. You may have a lot of questions and need help adjusting to life as a pregnant mom or a mom with a new baby or young child. Our Healthy Babies Healthy Children​ (HBHC) home visiting program can help you:

  • When you are pregnant by offering you information and support for a healthy pregnancy and birth. We also help you prepare for your baby’s birth and teach you about your baby’s growth and development.   
  • After your baby is born by offering you support as a parent. A public health nurse may contact you, answer your questions, give you health information, and may offer you a home visit to give you extra support and education. 
  • As your child grows there’s a lot to learn and HBHC can help you enjoy these important early years with your child.         

Reproductive and Early Child Health

The goal of the Reproductive Health program is to allow you and your family to achieve optimal preconception health, experience a healthy pregnancy, have the healthiest newborn(s) possible, and be prepared for parenthood. Some of our Reproductive Health programs and services include:

  • In-class and online prenatal education
  • Prenatal programs for at risk populations in partnership with other community agencies
  • Campaigns and information on preconception health and healthy pregnancy.

Early Child Health (birth to 6 years)

The goal of the Child Health team is to allow your children to attain and sustain optimal health and developmental potential. Some of our Child Health programs and services include:

  • Phone and in-person breastfeeding support
  • Developmental and nutrition screening clinics
  • Well baby and child drop-in clinics
  • Parenting workshops
  • Campaigns and information on positive parenting, healthy eating, healthy weights, physical activity, and injury prevention
  • Resources and support to early learning professionals, multicultural agencies, and other community partners who provide services to children from birth to age 6.