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Looking for activities to do with the family to wind down before bed? Here are some activities to look forward to that everyone can participate in.

  1. Learn to read with your children with this 30-day free access to Reading Eggs learning programs. Suitable for kids aged 2-13 years of age.
  2. Family Fun Crafts lists free, educational craft ideas for toddlers to teens.
  3. Sleep for Kids provides educational and interactive activities for kids to learn about the importance of sleep.
  4. Elmwood Park Zoo is offering free educational Facebook live streams, and fun videos. Cincinnati Zoo is also offering this same feature, which also includes a virtual read of the book, Fiona, It’s Bedtime, featuring Fiona, the baby Hippo.
  5. Read your favourite novel or listen to an audiobook for free through your local library. Listen together as a family, or read together if you have more than one copy. 
  6. Listen to music together. Create a nighttime play list together using apps like 8tracks. Choose calming and relaxing music that everyone can enjoy listening to together.

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