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Using active modes of transportation has many benefits for students, families, and the environment.


  • Increases physical activity levels, which can help reach the recommended physical activity guidelines for health benefits
  • Increases children’s independence, decision making skills, and selfesteem
  • Less air pollution, which can lower respiratory stress and asthma triggers


  • Regular physical activity promotes better learning at school
  • Students arrive more alert and ready to learn


  • Students learn road and traffic safety skills
  • Less traffic around the school during dropoff and pick-up times increases student safety and reduces risk of collision
  • Less traffic in the school zone makes it easier and safer for buses to operate and stay on schedule


  • Reduces air pollution from less traffic and cars idling in school zones
  • Reduces the demand for gas and money spent on fuel


  • Fosters a greater sense of community and community awareness
  • Children learn more about their neighborhood
  • Develop social connections with others who use active transportation
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