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Monday, Februrary 1, 2021 | 4:00 p.m. | Windsor-Essex County

5,296 Doses of Moderna and 9,858 Pfizer Vaccines Administered in Windsor and Essex County

During the 9:30 a.m. YouTube media briefing this morning, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed and CEO Theresa Marentette presented an overview of the number of COVID-19 vaccines administered locally and the next stages of the local plan. The provincial government’s 3 phase vaccine distribution plan focuses first on vulnerable populations that are at greatest risk of COVID-19 and severe illness and those who care for them. The groups selected for vaccination in each phase are based on an ethical framework, best available data to identify priority populations, and the vaccine supply.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out plan builds off the 3 phase provincial vaccine distribution plan, but is broken down into 3 stages based on vaccine supply:

  1. Stage 1 is defined as the period when vaccine supply is limited and targeted to priority groups. This stage utilizes the existing Sportsplex for Pfizer vaccinations by Windsor Regional Hospital and Windsor-Essex County Health Unit led mobile teams for Moderna vaccinations in Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes. The involvement of healthcare providers at this stage is also important to the rollout of vaccine to prioritized patients.  
  2. Stage 2 occurs when the vaccine supply exceeds the capacity of the distribution resources allocated in Stage 1. This stage includes further involvement by pharmacies and additional healthcare providers.
  3. Stage 3 of the plan is implemented when the vaccine supply exceeds the capacity of resources in Stage 2. Mass vaccination clinics will be established to support the distribution channels identified in Stage 1 & 2.

Today’s presentation also discussed the number of doses (first and second) already administered locally, the current priority groups, the upcoming priority groups, and the prioritization process.  An outline of today’s presentation includes:

  • Phases of provincial vaccine rollout
  • Vaccines currently in use (worldwide)
  • Role of the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit
  • Population demographic
  • Planning assumptions
  • Local COVID Task Force Membership
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out
    • Stage 1 – supply is limited and targeted to key priorities
    • Stage 2 – supply exceed the capacity of the resources in Stage 1
    • Stage 3 – vaccine supply exceeds all resources from previous stages
  • Implementation structure
  • Number of Vaccine Doses Administered in Windsor-Essex
  • Number of Moderna Doses Administered by Organization Type
  • Number of Pfizer Doses Administered by Organization Type
  • Number of Moderna Doses Administered by Reason
  • Current priorities for vaccination
  • Upcoming priorities
  • Prioritization process
  • Prioritization committee membership

The full presentation is also available as a PDF on the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit website.

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