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In 2017, slightly less than half (43%) of students in Ontario report drinking more than just a few sips of alcohol during the past year. Rates of drinking alcohol are close to equal between males and females, but consumption increases with grade and age. One in six students report binge drinking at least once per month as well as report riding in a vehicle driven by someone who has been drinking alcohol (OSDUHS, 2017).

Locally in WEC, 46.3 % of students self-report exceeding the low-risk alcohol drinking guidelines (WECHU CNA, 2019). Among students in school throughout WEC, 14% reported binge drinking in the past month compared to the 18% average among Ontario students (COMPASS, 2018). Slightly more males report binge drinking compared to females (16% compared to 12%, respectively). 10% of WEC students reported mixing alcohol with an energy drink over the past year (COMPASS, 2018). WEC has a higher rate of self-reported underage drinking at 35.6 % compared to all of Ontario students at 30.2% (WECHU CNA, 2019). 

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