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Kids Health in the Classroom - Offers activities and lesson support organized by grade range. For alcohol information, in the menu on the left sidebar, click on the appropriate grade range, Health Problems, and then find Alcohol in the main webpage section.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) – This resource is targeted for grades 9 and 10, but compare it with your specific curriculum to ensure it matches. It covers alcohol as well as drug information with a variety of activities.

Windsor-Essex County Health Unit – for students who need or are looking for local support, this list can help guide them through the system and find the right resource for them.

Intoxiclock – this electronic, interactive activity demonstrates how long it takes alcohol to leave the blood stream. Students get involved by inputting their details and selecting various alcohol types to see how it changes the processing time. Contact your school’s public health nurse or call the Healthy Schools Department at (519) 258-2146, ext. 1555 to set up a demonstration with the Intoxiclock, 

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