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There are numerous health effects which can be experienced by tobacco users. Whether products are smoked, vaped, or chewed, the use of tobacco products can result in short and long term health effects.

Short-term effects may include:

  • itchy, burning, water, red eyes
  • frequent coughing
  • burning throat
  • decreased sense of smell and taste
  • breath, hare, and clothing smells of smoke
  • feeling sick or nauseous
  • light headed or dizzy
  • fast or racing heart

With more regular use that lasts over many months and years, the long-term health effects can become severe and more serious:

  • yellowed or blackened teeth and gums
  • tooth and gum disease and decay, could lead to tooth loss
  • yellowed skin and early wrinkles
  • damaged lung tissue and lung diseases (e.g., COPD, asthma, emphysema)
  • weakened immune system, which can lead to more common illness and longer recovery time
  • certain types of cancer (e.g., lungs, mouth, throat, and stomach)

In Canada alone, every 10 minutes, 2 teenagers will start smoking cigarettes, and one of them will lose their life because of it.

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