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When preparing food for others your first goal must be to produce the safest food possible. It’s important you understand basic food safety standards when food handling, whether it’s handling food for family and friends, for the public at a restaurant, or when volunteering at a church, club, school, or special event. The Food Safety for All course will teach you important food safety basics for safe food handling.

Course Information

Food Safety for All is our free online e-learning course available for anyone who wants to learn more about basic safe food handling practices.

The course will teach you about:

Who should take this course?

You should take this course if you’re working in a food premise, or are volunteering at a church, school, or special event in the community. This course will give you a basic understanding of safe food handling practices.

Can I be a Certified Food Handler after taking this course?

No. This course doesn’t meet the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requirements for Food Handler Certification. If you wish to become certified, please visit the Food Handler Course webpage.