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The Windsor and Essex County Living Wage for 2020 is
$15.52 per hour.

About the Windsor and Essex County Living Wage Program

The purpose of the Windsor and Essex County Living Wage program is to raise awareness about the true cost of living in Windsor and Essex County, and to advance policies, partnerships, and practices that promote health and wellbeing for our community. The program aims to provide education about what a living wage is and why it’s important. It also encourages local employers to become Living Wage Certified.

What is a Living Wage?

A living wage is different from the minimum wage.

The living wage is based on the real cost of goods and services in Windsor and Essex County.

A living wage is based on the idea that every person has the right to enjoy good health, relaxation, culture, and fun. It provides the means to raise children and to take part in social and community activities. It also allows families to reduce the stress of living in poverty. The living wage calculation takes into consideration local costs of living and is not pre-set by the government. This means that the rate varies from community to community and may change year-to-year. Paying a Living Wage provides families with a basic existence. The Living Wage Calculation assumes that individuals and families are taking advantage of every available subsidy and tax credit.

 To learn more about how the Windsor and Essex County Living Wage is calculated read the “Calculating a Living Wage for Windsor and Essex County” report here.

What If I'm Already a Living Wage Certified Employer?

Congratulations on being a Living Wage Certified Employer!

Your Living Wage certification is good for 2 years. For example, if you were certified in 2018 you will need to re-certify using the 2020 Living Wage calculation(s) which was released in December, 2019. It is up to individual employers to determine if they would like to begin paying the 2020 Living Wage prior to the defined timelines.


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