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Most Current Outbreaks

Outbreak ID Institution Setting Outbreak Type Causative Agent Date Reported Date Ended
2268-2023-00052 Lifetimes on Riverside - 3387 Riverside Dr. East, Windsor, ON N8Y 1A8
3387 Riverside Dr E, Windsor ON N8Y 1A8
Retirement Home Respiratory COVID-19 February 7, 2023 ONGOING
2268-2023-00051 Shoreview at Riverside - 245 DROUILLARD RD., WINDSOR, ON N8Y 4Y1
245 Drouillard Rd., Windsor, ON N8Y 1Y4
Retirement Home Respiratory COVID-19 February 6, 2023 ONGOING
2268-2023-00048 Chartwell Oak Park Terrace Retirement Residence - 1750 NORTH SERVICE ROAD, WINDSOR, ON N8W 1Y3
1750 E.C. Row Ave Windsor, ON N8W 1V3
Retirement Home Respiratory COVID-19 February 6, 2023 ONGOING
2268-2023-00043 Augustine Villas Retirement Home and Assisted Living - 54 SPRUCE ST. N., KINGSVILLE, ON N9Y 3J1
54 Spruce Street N., Kingsville, ON N9Y 3T1
Retirement Home Respiratory COVID-19 January 29, 2023 ONGOING
2268-2023-00026 Chartwell Royal Oak Long Term Care Residence - 1750 DIVISION ST. N., KINGSVILLE, ON N9Y 4G7
1750 Division Rd N Kingsville, ON N9Y 4G7
LTCH Respiratory COVID-19 January 11, 2023 ONGOING
2268-2023-00018 Extendicare Southwood Lakes - 1255 North Talbot Rd, Windsor, ON N9G 3A4
1255 North Talbot Rd Windsor, ON N9G 3A4
LTCH Respiratory COVID-19 January 4, 2023 ONGOING
2268-2023-00014 Iler Lodge Long Term Care Home - 111 Iler Ave., Essex, ON N8M 1T4
111 Iler Ave Essex, ON N8M 1T6
LTCH Respiratory COVID-19 December 31, 2022 ONGOING

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Data presented are for the 2021-22 influenza season (September 2021-August 2022). Data represent a snapshot of the information at the time of extraction and may differ from previous or subsequent reports.

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