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2016 Annual Report

The annual report is an overview of some key community initiatives that took place in 2016, such as enhanced mosquito surveillance, school immunizations and suspensions and Take Charge Windsor-Essex, along with accountability indicators, financial data, and messages from Dr. Kirk and Dr. Ahmed.

2015 Annual Report

The Annual Report is a quick review of some key community initiatives that took place in 2015, such as the radon awareness campaign, the Remington Park cancer cluster investigation, and the mass STI testing events. The document also contains some key program and service statistics, our funding breakdown, and the names of the individuals who served on the 2015 Board of Health. The document is interactive and can be read on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device. We’ve also made a PDF version available for those who wish to download and print it.

2014 Social Determinants of Health in Windsor-Essex County Report

This report investigates how social determinants of health variables such as income, education level and minority status are related to various health outcomes and health behaviours in the Windsor and Essex County area. The Determinants of Health refer to the multiple factors that influence a person’s health. These include social and economic factors, the physical environment, and individual behaviours and conditions.